School’s Out (For Summer)

I’ve been a neglectful blogger lately. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, a bit of a neglectful knitter, too. I blame several things:

  1. I’ve been off school for about a week now. Substitute teachers aren’t generally in high demand during the last week of school, so I don’t usually book any jobs that week. This theoretically means more free time, but in reality I’ve been feeling the need to be productive and ‘busy’ so I’ve been creating work projects for myself around my apartment. One day I organized my bureau, the next I cleaned out and reorganized my refrigerator.  Another day was spent purging and completely reconfiguring the contents of my pantry. This new system is going to work for me, I can tell:Image
  2. I’m spending the next week dog- and house-sitting for my neighbours who are in Costa Rica for a family wedding. This means I have spent the last few days doing mountains of laundry so as not to have to use their machines (even though they’d totally not care one little bit), packing and getting things in order to be away from home for a week. Even though they are only 3 doors down, and I can pop home at any time if I forgot anything, it still seemed to create more work that I was expecting. But, look who I get to spend the next week bonding with!                                               

    Here’s Charley


    Here’s Bentley

These pursuits have left me with precious little time for knitting/blogging. But like the title of this post says, school’s out for summer. And apart from a weekly volunteer day at a local environmental centre where I used to work, I’m free from commitments and fully focused on knitting my little heart out. Hopefully this summer I’ll also be able to make it to my LYSs “knit Café” for some chit chat and social knitting.

In knitting-related news, here’s the pair of socks I’ve currently got on the needles:

ImageThese are “Hermione’s Every Day Socks.” Yarn: Bernat Sox Multi in “Camouflage.”

Ravelry link:

Oh, one more thing. My other commitment this summer is watching the entire 100 episodes of Fringe. What can I say, I’m a sucker for sci-fi and shipping. If you know what shipping is we can totally be friends.

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4 Responses to School’s Out (For Summer)

  1. Lovely dogs, lovely socks! I love sci fi but don’t know what shipping is….?!

    • hknits2013 says:

      Thanks, I love these socks too! Ha, a “shipper” is someone who invests in the fictional relationships on a t.v. show. A few examples of couples I’ve shipped are: Castle/Beckett (Castle), Peter/Olivia (Fringe), Ross/Rachel (Friends). Shipping would be the verb…as in, “I totally ship Castle and Beckett.” :)

      • Ah ok I get it. I think there may be a US/UK thing going on here 😄
        I’ve not come across Fringe, is it good? Mine – that I can think of – would be Donna & Josh (the West Wing), and to an extent Kara/Apollo (Battlestar Galactica).

  2. hknits2013 says:

    You’re probably right! But I’m in Canada, not US:-) I am loving Fringe so far. I’ve watched the first 2 seasons, and it’s really interesting. It’s kind of like the XFiles, but it uses “Fringe Science” (time travel, worm holes, brain mapping, etc.) to solve/explain mysterious phenomena.

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