It’s The Final Countdown

I know a lot of you are experiencing the same weather as I am.  Hot, sticky, rainy, basically just gross.  Summer is my least favourite season weather-wise.  I much prefer autumn, with the crisp, cool air, crunchy leaves underfoot, pumpkins, harvest festivals, and fall fairs.  To be fair, there are things to love about summer.  The vegetables I’m growing in my backyard, for one.  No school, for another. 

My pea plants have started producing pods:


Summer isn’t generally a time when most people would think about knitting warm, cozy things like hats, mitts or sweaters.  I, however, find it’s the perfect time.  Sweaters are big!  They usually take a lot of time to knit.  So if I want to be wearing one in late September and October, I need to be working on it NOW.  And the fact that I work best under a deadline has caused me to create a little countdown for myself (right side bar of the blog).

The item I’m working to complete by September 23rd is the “Blue Butterfly” sweater that I am designing as I go.  It’s really quite an experiment (one which may very well fail epically).  The countdown serves two purposes.  1: Sweater deadline, obviously.  2: It’s the (anticipated) date of the Castle season 6 premiere.*  And given that this sweater is named after the season 4 episode “The Blue Butterfly” I’d like to be able to wear it while I watch.

Here are a few pictures of the work-in-progress:



I thought I’d finished the back piece, but I’ve changed my mind about the raglan sleeves, so I’ll be ripping it back.  I’m going to do set-in sleeves instead, and instead of starting from the bottom up, I’m going to attempt to work them from the top down, picking up stitches and doing some short-row shaping.  I saw a tutorial on how to do this awhile back on Pinterest, so I’m going to give it a try.  We shall see.

Like I said, I’m designing this totally on the fly (with some input from fellow knitter and Castle freak Lara), so I very well may be asking for your input in the weeks to come, since this is going to be my main summer project on the needles.  I actually also have an idea for a smaller side project, but it’s kind of a secret, so no photos or anything for now.  Later, I promise!


*If you hadn’t guessed by now, I’m a huge Castle fan.  Fanatic, really.

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